East Side Alternative High School
School Description
  • Built in 2004
  • Located at Olympic High School
  • Total Square Footage 1,792
  • Main Building is a single-story portable structure with 1,792 square feet
  • 2 Classrooms
  • Administration Area
Planned Projects and Repairs

The proposed capital projects levy includes funds for school projects and repairs across the Central Kitsap School District.

  • No projects or repairs planned at Eastside Alternative High School
  • Schedule -- Crucial elements rather than full details
Prior Improvements

Similar improvement projects were scheduled to respond to changes in local, state, and federal code requirements, ensure safety of the facility, address increasing maintenance demands, and promote a positive learning environment.

  • From 2000-2010, Eastside Alternative School received:
  • Concrete Walkway to Access Olympic High School (2009)

Your previous bond dollars have had a direct impact on students in the Central Kitsap School District and their learning environment. As we plan for the future, our intent is to protect our community's investment by ensuring proper maintenance and safety at each of our sites; to maximize matching funds available from the state; and to use all other funding sources to limit the financial impact on local citizens and school programs.

Thank you for your support of the Central Kitsap School District!

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